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AEVUM: It is said that the Aevum is what Angels and Saints experience, a state of being that lies between our own human existence and the eternity of the universe. Aevum allows us to be free of the bonds of time, awakening our creativity with clarity and self-reflection.

Aevum Jewelled Creations Co. was founded in 2001. Rhene Applegate, owner and lead designer, wanted to create a company that took on the role of a living, breathing organism. “If you look at a company as a breathing entity your perspective completely changes.” Aevum Jewelled Creations receives its nourishment from the information that each individual brings. Rhene encourages her employees to be present, nurture growth, respect each other’s uniqueness, and have the flexibility to co-evolve, shift and change. Rhene believes that the participation of each individual is what makes Aevum Jewelled Creations come alive and why it has stood the test of time.

Rhene and her designers pride themselves with their one-of-a kind designs, using the finest quality natural stones from around the world. They evoke the Aevum by gathering inspiration from all walks of life - indigenous, modern and ancient cultures. These experiences are interwoven into their tapestry of creativity that is instrumental in the designs you see at their showroom and website.

About the Artist


Rhene Applegate: Lead Designer and Owner

Rhene Applegate has over 20 years of experience in the field of jewelry design. Charismatic and full of humor, this young at heart grandmother believes good friends who have supported her in this journey and continue to do so are the cornerstone of her success in life. “I feel so blessed, and choose to remember the parts of my life that are what I call charmed, the rest just made me stronger and more interesting at parties!”

Rhene’s experience in the alternative healing arts, producing personal growth workshops for women and her own continued spiritual growth, including a pilgrimage to Tibet, are reflected in the designs she creates. “I try to listen to the stones that I’m working with and allow myself space so that I am not producing but instead creating from the soul.”

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